Why Buy From Us

Why Buy From Us

6 to 9 PC Repair offers the following services and commitments:

As you sit, waiting for your computer to slowly open a file, or slowly load an image, or even as you get bombarded with pop-ups the second you go online you might ask yourself, "Should I just scrap this thing and get a new computer? I saw a good ad on television, maybe I should look into it."

Well, before you do, give us a chance to look at your computer. You could be surprised at how much you would save by simply getting your computer cleaned up or upgraded. Even when you see ads for computers that cost only $200.00 or so, you need to consider that you will often have to purchase an operating system, virus protection, and other basic software packages that you may require such as home office software. So you are looking at computer advertised at $200 actually costing you somewhere along the lines of $500 or more. And a big bonus of getting an upgrade rather than a new computer - you still have all of your files, exactly where you left them. Your computer looks the same, only runs better.

We'll be up front with you. If it looks like it would cost you more to upgrade your computer than to buy a new one, or if an upgrade still would not work as well as a new system, we'll let you know.

We also sell refurbished computers if you are on a budget and are wanting a new computer. We have both laptops and desktops installed with a new operating system and security software. And of course, we back them up with a warranty and personalized service.

We are locally owned and operated, easy to reach when you have a need, and glad to fit our work into your schedule. Stop by or give us a call at (803) 648-2656. We are located on Whiskey Road, just across from the Aiken Mall and beside Cracker Barrel.